Blog Site Generators

I recently uploaded some links to my cl-blog-generator project, and have been getting some feedback with comparisons to other blog site generators, or compilers, such as Steve Kemp's Chronicle, or Jekyll as used on GitHub Pages. Compared to these, cl-blog-generator is immature, but takes a different approach in several areas that Charles Stewart suggested might be worth exploring. I look forward to any comments you might have.

Blog Generator Configuration

The blog generator is intended to be quite flexible, within the design constraints, which has lead to a large number of possible configurations, both on the lisp side, and for Emacs. Drafts can be written using any editor, but I shall describe use with Emacs. The package has only been tested with SBCL, but should work with any common lisp implentation.

Blog Generator Design

I want to be able publish posts easily to a statically served site. I am sure that there are lots of blog site generators out there, but I could not find one that I liked, and which was in a language I would enjoy hacking, and so I wrote my own.