Criterium 0.3.2-SNAPSHOT API documentation

Benchmarking library

Criterium measures the computation time of an expression. It is designed to address some of the pitfalls of benchmarking, and benchmarking on the JVM in particular.

This includes: - statistical processing of multiple evaluations - inclusion of a warm-up period, designed to allow the JIT compiler to optimise its code - purging of gc before testing, to isolate timings from GC state prior to testing - a final forced GC after testing to estimate impact of cleanup on the timing results

Usage: (use 'criterium.core) (bench (Thread/sleep 1000) :verbose) (with-progress-reporting (bench (Thread/sleep 1000) :verbose)) (report-result (benchmark (Thread/sleep 1000)) :verbose) (report-result (quick-bench (Thread/sleep 1000)))

References: See for a Java benchmarking library. The accompanying article describes many of the JVM benchmarking pitfalls.

See for a Haskell benchmarking library that applies many of the same statistical techniques.